If you are young, then stay alert with the possibility of cholesterol …

Do you know …? Increasing cholesterol is so fatal for health. Usually thinkingIt is taken, that problems of cholesterol increases only in mature age. While nowadays

due to the lifestyle of the life of cholesterol, even among 18-36 years of age are coming and ignoring it can be life- threatening for the victims. Due to this high blood pressure, arterial block, heart attack, brain stroke etc. can be dangerous and deadly diseases.

The body gives some hints as the body develops bad cholesterol. But young often these signals are more

ignorance by not paying attention or by saying things like normal thing. However, if these early symptomsif you look after your appearance and make changes in your life style, then by

Can be left out of the dangers that occur. Let’s know the signs of increasing cholesterol in youth may be. If you are having difficulty walking or stairs, or have worked harder before

by now, we feel tired, in which breath blossoming, beating grow very fast and from inside feeling weak, it can be an indication of cholesterol increases in the body. Many times in lining in hands and feet, ants also feel like a creep. Actually, that is when the body the plaque is deposited in the arteries inside, in the parts where the oxygen-rich blood is unable to reach jingle starts to be cold. If you see signs and symptoms like shrieking in hands and feet in such a situation, you should definitely check cholesterol immediately.

In addition, if the neck, back and abdominal abdominal pain are ignored. Because

We understand that this pain may have been done by sitting or slanting gold, sitting. While it has been seen that these parts of the body normal pain can also be a sign of increased cholesterol. Jaw and chest the pain can be an early symptom of heart attack.

Apart from this, the appearance of skin on the skin above the eyes, like yellow spots or scalp, is also a cup in the body;

Cholesterol is an indicator of growth. Even when the amount of fat increases in the blood, it also happens. These yellow spots

Also indicates diabetes.

If you have occasional restlessness, and sweat on the forehead and body, even then cholesterol is a sign of growing. In fact, because of high cholesterol, blood is enough till the heart does not reach the amount, due to which the heart starts pumping blood in a small amount. Due to this to breathe, uneasiness, fatigue and sweating start to come.

Today’s youth should definitely check cholesterol once in 22 years of age. and if you if anyone has a problem in cholesterol to someone in the family, then it is a matter of concern for you.

In such a case, consult a doctor. Apart from this, special attention to your diet

the wanted. And if regular attention is taken during the routine check-up, you will not only Will be able to live away from a life-threatening illness, but will spend happily ahead of time

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