Somewhere you are not interested in e cigarette …

Either you drink something e-cigarette, if yes, then be careful.

Many diseases including cancer can be prey

The new generation of smoking e-cigarettes used by the youth of today, running behind modernism He started doing this Generally, the e-cigarette youth in the market for reducing cigarette addiction Between now is very much liked, but it is also dangerous like smoking.

E cigarette i.e. electronic inhaler, which contains nicotine and other chemical mixed liquidgoes. However, this new incarnation of smoking e-cigarette can also be harmful to health. A research According to the e-cigarette, there may be factors of asthma and other diseases including the risk of lung it happens. In one study, researchers from Harvard University of America published 75 popular products of e-cigarette Included. These included once-used and refurbable products. study

Endotoxin was found in 27% of products. It is a microbial agent, which is available on Gram-negative bacteriais found . At 81 percent of the products, glucon particles were found. now, to understand glucose, glucon is mostly Fungus cells get on the walls. According to scientists, the presence of these elements in e-cigarette products It is enough to tell that due to them there may be other diseases of asthma and lungs.

The chemicals involved are deadly; those who use lung cancer and popcorn lungs due to its side effectsThe hazard is growing rapidly. Dr. Sudhir Chaudhary, Professor of Researcher Medicine, GSVM, on the Side Effects of E-Cigarette are doing. According to him, e-cigarette youth, young women and pregnant women are also using. Its production company

It is not harmful for your business profit, while it is equally harmful to cigarettes.

How e-Cigarette works:

The inhaler transforms this liquid into steam by the power of the battery so that the drinker feels like drinking cigarettes. but

The liquid that is filled in e-cigarette contains mostly nicotine and is often more dangerous than are chemicals. Therefore, e-cigarettes can not be considered safe in terms of health.

Yu e-cigarette was manufactured in China in 2003. It is a battery-powered nicotine delivery device. in this, the liquid substance, which is called steam, is pulled from the mouth after heating. Well it was made by thinking that without low amount of nicotine will go up to Taur or Carbon lungs. For the sake of their business, those who make it have adopted such methods,

Which leads to excessive nicotine going into the lungs.

It contains liquid nicotine. Nicotin is a addictive substance so drinkers get addicted to it. Just a few days

After using it, if the drinkers stop drinking it, then they start having problems of discomfort and confusion. Nicotine can not be considered absolutely safe for heart and respiratory patients.

The quil is used to heat the vapor of e-cigarette. Nicotine, Formaldehyde, Fenale,

Tin, nickel, copper, lead, chromium, arsenic and dye acetyl metal.

This is called popcorn lungs due to the emergence of a popcone in its lungs. And later cancer Become victims.

There is a perception among many people that there is no Tobacco in it, but this is their illusion, in which the liquid is in it

Chemical is mixed nicotine. And nicotine also contains common cigarette tobacco.In today’s major cities, the trend of e-cigarette and hookah bars has increased rapidly. Flavored e-liquid in the hookah bar Occurs while in the form of chemical vapor in e-cigarette. Both the harmful dye acetyl chemical (butter – As those who used to mix in popcones, are now restricted). Popcone on the emergence of a popcone in the lungs with its intake. Lungs say. This disease is called the brachyolitus albitren. In this small lymph nodes of the lungs shrinkWhich are later converted into ILD. Young and women rapidly lunging in its grip Are becoming victims of the disease. The result of any remembrance remembered is always dangerous. And if you Once the bar has come in its way, it can be very difficult to get out of it.

Today the young generation that has come under its control to make its future safe and healthy Need to, get out of this as soon as possible.

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