If you are going to roam your car in the car during these summer holidays …

Summer has started, in these days, mercury also reaches 45,46 degrees Celsius. And such a pillar of the house, birds in a pot of water on the terrace Keep the water, as well as millet, etc. for sure. Take care of these little work from these thirst of hunger and hunger can be erased.

After a few days, the children also have to leave. Many people shaken with such children Hill stations and so on. or go to their relatives. Anywhere in before moving, it is necessary to take care of your car, carriage your car, a car in a kenny
Take the water with you, if you need to put your car in the car, water in the car may have to be. Your car, car service, water in the battery, air in the tires and petrol or diesel do not forget to drag it. Keep this in mind, never car, while packing oil in the tank. get it checking essential coolant in engine oil, AC gas, cooling and radiator etc.
Do not forget to do it Keep in mind that this coolant helps keep the car cool while it is hot. Its besides, if you have to park your car, train somewhere, where there is sunshine
In such a way, after parking the car, the car would not completely stop the mirror completely keep a little less than half an inch open. With this gas accumulates in your car, air in the car – crossing It will not be possible, as well as cold from inside. Apart from this, if your pollution certificate if the date has passed, then do not forget to make a certificate again. On the way you remember you invoices somewhere do not fill up.
By paying attention to these essential things, you will be able to enjoy your car and the rest of the journey in the car.
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