Persona …. ‘J Manjula,’ Female Scientist

J  Manjula, the country’s first woman director general in DRDO

She is the first woman director general of the DRDO cluster. Many of her work is already being done by Indian Defense

The various weapons of the establishments are included.

Today the three Armies of the country, using their built jammer and controller software successfully has been. J  Manjula honored with the Scientist the Year award in 2011 for this achievement in DRDO Was awarded  She was born in 1962 in the Reddy cast of Nellore district Andhra Pradesh. andat that time, girls did not pay much attention to education. Her  father, Principal in a high school And he used to understand the importance of education. He read of J  Manjula being inspired by them motivated them. J  Manjula was interested in mathematics only to start with. She mathematics curry on his own efforts, because her  parents could not teach him mathematics.

J. Manjula has a degree in Engineering from Osmania University with electronics and communication stream Lee

She was made the first woman director general of DRDO in 1987. But before that electronics worked for the Corporation Warfare, in which he spent almost 26 years in Defense Electronics Research Lab, Working in Hyderabad only Apart from jammer, many other tools made by them are available in the country. Armies are being used successfully in the Army, Navy and Air Force etc. Becoming the Director General of DRDO

Prior to that, she was providing her services at the Defense Avionics Research Establishment DARE.

Today the country is proud of J Manjula.

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