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Just bypassing it could sit quietly … ..Yes .. this is it, I agreed to Pandit ji as a disciple. But, Panditji, tell me one thing, what happened in the previous UPA government, after being trapped in the charge of Rs 99 lakh in bribery by Pawan Bansal, he had

to resign from the post of minister. Abe Bachu, looking at me from the checker and seeing the head on the head as usual, said Panditji, you will not understand … This is politics. In the party there are lot of thought sharing tickets.
Good Panditji, tell one thing, what have you heard of your Yu Turban? What is that Pandit ji said in my interrupted interaction as usual. She too had hurried to join the Congress, had even met senior Congress leader Sheela Dikshit and had met her with her Rahul.
And the talk broke up. Broke … ..? I asked in the middle and said in the middle. Panditji said, his name U Turn was such a little, …. It would have been kept unnecessary for counting of seats. If you did not make a mistake, you turned on Thought, let’s have a lot of things today, Panditji should have been tired, now it is better to say goodbye. We got to meet each other again with the promise of meeting again.
next day …. And tell, how are Pandit Ji, putting their knees on their hands? When Panditji was completely submerged in the news paper, I asked again again. After seeing the full line, Pandit ji looked at me, and said, how are you? I am fine with your grace, Pandit ji What is going on in Pandit ji and narao up In U P …? As always, in your head’s hair, your fingers are fluttering, there is a saying, when there is nothing left to you, then be with time. That is, the thief’s nappy right over ran. When it comes to a conservative leader like Mulayam, first, he told the son Akhilesh about the alliance with Mayawati after giving a statement in the media, saying that the party has destroyed the party. After that, after forgetting the mood of the spot, forgetting the old gillas that have reached the whole 24 years later, he also shared the platform near his grim enemy Mayawati. After all, the Parliament is also there to reach. I said moving the matter forward … yes he is, as well as Mulayam also declared it, that this is my last election. Upon hearing, Pandit ji saw me and said, Who saw yesterday? I also understood that Panditji is such a little
Say this hairy sun
Did not turn white Good Pandit ji Akhilesh had coalition alliances with Rahul Gandhi in the last election, and nowadays, with Mayawati, I did not understand anything. Now what’s the point of understanding in it, babychu, one thing
Taking a knot is a political feature and opportunity, there is no permanent friend or enemy in it.
In Panditji Rampur, Azam Khan broke all the limitations by speaking against the Jaya Prada, standing against him against Jaya Prada, against him. Pundit ji said that abhe kidchu is so hot that leaders will not slip
So will the animal slip? And on the same excuse he was also aiming at his enemy Amar Singh. Yes, yes I remembered, the Election Commission has imposed 72 hours of ban on the Azam Khan.
What will happen to him? This excuse has got a chance, to create a new strategy for its future, and to meet supporters. Good Pandit ji tell me something here in Haryana Panditji looked at me for a moment and then started speaking, Inaela in Haryana is scattered just like the cards, although some days before Chautala Sahib has got bail from unconditional courts, now it depends on him. How do they collect scattered leaves, and play
Are. Anyway no one can stop the passing time. Talk of Congress, its color is not even seen here in the state
Coming, Pandit ji, Khattar ji had failed to control Baba Ram Rahim’s disciples, you will not understand, our politics is vote politics in our country, I have asked Pandit Ji, Pandit I do not understand, Abe kidchu is no big deal to understand, all the parties have bowed down in the days of elections to these Baba, now the party which will get blessings of Baba Baba They will win the same party with their votes. Talking about the rest of the Khattar ji, in the beginning, he made mistakes like a novice, like Baba Ramaraham
Failure to keep time from the disciples’ disciples, which resulted in places like fire brigade etc.
But later he created his calm, honest and perspicuous image, the result of which could come in his favor. The rest of the people have a mood when the leader of the slip slips and the wind turns up.
Panditji did not tell you about Rahul Gandhi. Listen, how can you forget Rahul Gandhi, the leader in the political center? But whenever Pandit speaks, he speaks against Modi and more against anybody
Do not speak anything. Panditji breathed a long time, as if he had made a crooked question. Now tell him about what his party advisors call him as he speaks. First of all, the issue of Raphael against Modi
Talk to the cry, that too, referring to the Supreme Court. But when the Bjp went to the Supreme Court against him, he is silent since then. And now, hear it, Rahul apologizes to his past wrong statements in the Supreme Court
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