Slogan of leaders slipping ….

Yes, this is democracy, Goyaki …. like a rare chance, to muddle each other, he Even after five years, as if there is a competition here. Let’s see … who goes ahead, hey brother It is only to get out, to spill some out, and to get somebody out in the

parliament. Who’s in now Lucky, what to ask in this is dependent on the mood of the public. Such a little ‘roti’
The song in the movie was ‘He who is public, all knows’.
Nowadays, the leaders of the country are going to shoot arrows on each other. Thought that the pundit of your old politics, yes
Yes, there are only scholars, in the elections in the elections, the arrows of the arrow show each other and see it today

Those who have reached Sanjha Valley Many times, if they make a question by mistake, then this is their pillow Kalam would be .. O kidoo, what do you understand us, our white hair is only a few … Ghat -We have drunk water, we do not know how many elections are seen. Many leader leaders came and went. We too are the same old accent From seeing them like this, like a

brother you are a wise scholar, we have become habituated just like that. You have to tease. In the same way I reached Pandit Pandit ji, Panditji was very nervous in the news paper. We bow down to Pandit Bole Pratam, Pandit Ji, while touching the knee Pratam Chachchu .. Pandit ji said in the paper without

being seen. good Punditji should not call us as a ‘Bachu’, take the name of us, after all, we also have a beautiful name. Look at
If you will be a son then you are our child. No, we do not like to invite you to your child’s mouth. I again Complained to Pandit ji Okay … I will not call you today, saying that the Pandit got up and walked, angry
By being able to understand the age of his age, his experience and his time, he found him with his both hands, an It’s okay,

you have the right to call me by whatever name you call. From now on, when you call me a kidchu Will not touch Pundit ji spoke to me and said, rightly.. Let’s leave it good, tell me what’s new news today. He fingered the hair of his head
Speak neatly and said, What are you now? Go to West Bengal, there is a joke on Mamta da’s house Let me tell you, or party, in the morning, if it is found in the morning, then speak. Someone learned from them How is it possible to hold on to its rule and party, the mazals who are in front of any officer or party
The Adna Siege Even an officer of the Election Commission hides his face from BJP banner
Was removed from the walls, when a media watched, questioned about his actions,
Hiding off his mouth said that this is the building of the government building, but on the second building of the same building On which Mamata gave the party TMC banner, then she got out of there. Oh yeah this video then channel Having been constantly showing up I talked about them in the middle. Pandit ji said, someone in his kingdom today Pandit could not even flip the wings without his will. Yes Mamta, if you want, your party also from neighboring country Can invite anyone to publicize. Yes, yes, I remember, interrupting Pandit Ji in the middle. This news I also felt how Bangladeshi actors campaigned for Mamta Diwas and that too the visa duration ended in spite of. So Bachu Pandit ji said, shaking hands on the head. They came to know the BJP, then they They were told to leave the country. Now if anyone from the Central Government asks what their intelligence was doing. Mamta Dey has said in her speech in clear words to Modi, that Modi Babu will have you in the election Will get Rasgulla Rasagulla ? I asked, I did not understand anything, hey, what is it to understand, Rasgulla means Zero, zero. Pundit ji said. And then he and his people choose to choose a party worker from BJP Doing it, threatening, so that their unhappy propaganda, rallying. Good leave, Pandit ji is close to the BJP Shatgun Babu, who has been running for over three decades, was not happy with his party’s entire tenure, never He used to say anything, as if he was running for the same time. The party also suffered from them, and Now, when the BJJ expressed his displeasure with not giving ticket to Patna, he has taken the Congress down.
Panditji was not silent, he said in the middle of the interrogation, what new he has gone in the second party, for the last five years
They only get upset with them, forgot children, Lalu, Rashtishya, Yashwant Sinha, Mamta Dey, Tejshi Yadav or
Whenever they saw him against Kejriwal or BJP, he used to sing songs of praise, and all these The parties are the same. And sometimes it’s their old habit to say anything, such a short name was shotgun Has happened. And all these parties are theirs. Take yesterday’s own, he himself joined the Congress, and his wife Taking a ticket from the Samajwadi Party, went to file a writ against Rajnath in Lucknow, a reporter Ask them in Lucknow that you had to go to Patna today to file your own form, how did you hear it here today What was Shatrughan Sinha’s answer, I did not hear. Pandit ji again talked to me and said, Shatrughan Sinha
That reporter told me to be the first family
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