Do not cheat on the price of your dream home. ..

Flat flat flat and flat for customers …
Whenever the customer goes to the builder to look at the flat, the builder shows him the sample flat. So that the customer
Understand what the flat would be like when the project was completed. Sample flat floun furnished to the customer
Immediately like. But here it is very important to understand that this is just a sample flat. While usually
The Builder Floor or Flat is quite different from the flat shown. That’s why the customer wants to sample
Do not look at the deal, but look at the actual or prepared flat for customers, deceive the customer in it
Eating will also be avoided. Apart from this, accessories for your house, flat walls, for its decoration
But print design, sealing, modular kitchen, in which branded chimneys, decorative lights, bulbs attract
It is important to know about essential things. Generally the customer lives in this delusion, as shown by the sample flat builder
The same house, which was gone, will be prepared by preparing the flat. In fact the opposite is the opposite. That’s why whenever the future
If you look at a sampled house, flat, then clean it from the builder and clean it that we value the value of your house, flat
Whether it involves all decorations or not. So that in the future there is no misunderstanding
Can live Do not forget to take these all written work from the builder. Remembering the house, flat life is taken only once.
In addition, read every kind of charge written on the paper carefully, and if you do not understand the complete information
Take it. Whatever charge they are going to charge from you, whether they are legitimate or not. Charge of a feature which is actually
Not only that, like in the club house, pool or whatever in your information, and the price of your flat
May be involved. Talk to the builder about this, if you are not satisfied with their answer then the house, flat
Ideas are required before the deal is done.

Almost everyone dreams of buying your own home, and if at the right age your house If it is bought, then it becomes a kind of giving thing to the mind. All life balanceIt seems. By making a plot of your choice with an architect of your own, By making passes, they prefer to be made of their materials in their guidance. But times of time Due to the

deficiency, buyers buy flat or built independent houses. Most people are home Dreams meet the bank with a loan. When a person reaches near the builder to see the house first, then
The builder gives the customer a home map as well as a second paper. That contains the details of that property is. Includes the expenses of the Society, Parking, Maintenance Charges, Tax, Club House and Pool etc. Are there. Apart from this, many times the expenses of Manmariae are recovered from the customer. Customer caution It is very important

2 .. For this, the customer wants to …
Gather the information of the real owner of the land on which the house or society is built, and from that land
Take full rest. That is, whatever builder is selling the said property, to sell that property,
Proprietary rights to transfer? Do the verification of that land with that lightweight pawn,
In that case, the full details of such land will be found in the court or the outstanding loan in the bank. with you
Take a senior attorney and give his title verification.

Write information from the builder …
Whenever you deal with that property, then the agreement between you and the builder is written, Carefully consider what terms and conditions the builder has included in it. What is the customer Wright has been given. How much is the corpate area of ​​the property, apart from how long will the builder assign the said property to you, Take your date in writing.

If you are going to see any home, flat, nowadays, information about builder property is available online. remember Staying online and in reality can be intuitive. Online property details and revenue details online Compare in Be patient Never take a decision by looking at the same property. Keep your options open. Many customers can view a property Afterwards, they like to be happy, and they eagerly deal in hastily. So many times seen That the customers are looking at the property of minus point later, in such a way that they have regrets

There is no choice So, before buying any property, work with understanding and patience. Take any decision
Talk to family before, consult them, and according to the advice given above, Verificationes etc.
Make a decision, only make a decision, so that you do not have any answer later.
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