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Earlier, I had given a tip about navel, which was about sowing in the ankles of the feet. Today I will give you similar information related to navel
On one hand, telling about the treatment of serious disease
I am As before as told by the navel
There is a direct connection to all the organs of our body.
So now I tell you about the pain in the joints of today’s serious disease knee.
Most knee pain
Happens from In which, when the gap in the bones ends, they start colliding with each other, due to which the pain in the knees starts walking. Slowly it turns into unbearable pain.
The people who have left knee pain in the left side are due to the above reasons. They just have to do this. When lying on bed in bed at night, then pour caster oil in the navel, and massage the masses till the oil does not end. If you are taking medicines, cardiac or calcium, do not stop with it. In a few weeks you will see that you are recovering, and medicines will also get reduced.
Just keep your faith.
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