Make the food nutritious, with these elements ……

Buying clean fruits vegetables is a good thing, but their nutritional content remains, itsIt is also extremely important to cook vegetables properly. Leafy vegetables instead of steam

Lightly frying in olive oil, absorb excess amount of anti-oxidant beta-caroteneCan. Let’s know Healthy cooking-Habits that improve nutrition levels in these seven ways. about —

1. Increase quantity of jaggery fat for more vitamins

Olive oil, nuts and fat in fruits or vegetables, by adding healthy sources, vitamin A, E andThe quantity of can be increased. All these newtarians will have the eyesight faster, as well as the immunity

Even better, the heart can be strung from the stroke and the body can be kept away from osteoporosis.

2. Garlic will protect against cancer from cancer

By putting garlic in the food, our body will stay away from cancer. After mashing garlic buds mash Put it for 10-15 minutes, then put it in the pan. Because of this, the nutritionally present in garlic is not destroyed

Will be there. If you do not have time to do all of this, then put raw garlic over the food. Its from Nutrition will continue.

3. Use cast iron pan for iron Energy Busting Iron Amount Two Thousand Percent By Cooking Acidic Vegetables And Fruit In Cast Iron Pan

According to the Texas Texas University study. Nutritionist of the Healthy Tiffin Service Solfood According to Sonali Sabarwal, cooking in cast iron is not harmful, but instead of eating in the pan By making some mix in iron food, it does not make any difference in the taste of food.

4. Antibiotic will increase salad by adding herbs The amount of antioxidants will be doubled by putting herbs in the salad. Add ginger and cumin in it

Even anti-oxidants start growing.

5. Warm tomatoes

Easy to absorb the healthy nutrients for the heart in it by eating hot tomato on the pan. That is why Tomato Sauces is beneficial to the rest of the sauce. Take this recipe too cheerfully. tomatoes

Put it on a baking sheet after adding it, now add little olive oil, salt and black pepper on top of it. Now

Allow them to have a boil for 15-20. After this, now they will be healthier to eat.

6. Vegetable and fruit peels are more nutritious Do not eat apples, carrots, and mostly fruits, vegetables, peel them. Nutrients far more in their outer skin Are there. Fiber content is also high. Always buy organic food dishes. Thereby eating outer layer

There is no problem in the. To clean pesticides or dirt, to wash fruits, vegetables in open water

Eat after

7. Increasing advantage of eating big grams Keep cutting their fruit, while cutting vegetables. Nutrient rich oxygen is released from the small grinding.

Vitamin C lasts longer periods in large grams. This improves immunity. Fruits and vegetables

Make them bite, otherwise the newtarians who are getting them from them start decreasing.

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