Organic farming, that too from leaking…

Organic farming, that too from leaking In another country where farmers’ attachment is getting lesser, farmer suicides like
Suicides are being forced to take action, and not many such farmers have gone into the mouth of death,
Whether behind these incidents, due to the lack of water on the ground, the hitting of the weather, or the cost of their crop
Not getting reasonable prices from Because of which the condition of the farmer is getting worse.

And exactly opposite, such a person emerges on the strength of his thinking, hard work and hope in the work of farming.
Has emerged as a ray of hope, which has forced to think again on this side, that too his own land
Despite not being.
Yes, we are talking about Gitanjali Rajamani, on June 14, 1981, Gitanjali Rajmani, born in Hyderabad
His father died in a road accident. Mother raised her and her older brother. Gitanjali
Rajamani passed the Osmania College for Women in 2001 from the Central University of Pondicherry
MBA’s. For 12 years he worked in clinical research companies. Thinking of doing your work
In 2014, he left the job with TCS Company. After this he decided to do his job.
Planting Gardening was a hobby of childhood.
The Idea of ​​the Firmies –
According to Gitanjali, whatever vegetables we buy in the market, being insecticides in our bodies
Are fatal. Keeping this in mind, the idea of ​​introducing the Firmi two years ago came after the idea. From them
Hire land from a farmer near the house, and in this work he has two friends Shamik

Chakravarti and Sudhakaran Balasubriyam mixed with
Some of my people also joined me in this work. After this, I found that a family needs a qualified vegetable
Fulfillment can be in 600 square feet. Shamik and Sudhakaran are from IT, so with their help we made an app.
It was a challenge to celebrate farmers and customers, after this, an experienced farmer, Narayan Reddy, got the farm fertilizer
The use of pesticides was getting worse. They joined us in this work. I explained to the customers that you
Cabbage from the market is white to bleach. This is not for your health, you have organic vegetables
Eat the insects in them. If organic cabbage is safe for these insects, then it is safe for you too, and you have it
Can eat. After that he started to agree slowly.
After this, in June 2017, it started its company, and launched its first farm.
Farmers, on their land from 600 to 600 sq ft of farmland, shared their equality with them in partnership
 In the roadmap, vegetables are cultivated, and with the technical advice of organic farming
Seedlings also provide seeds. 2500 rupees monthly rent firms and farmers from 600 sq ft
Half a half. And through a mobile app, customers can buy vegetables from their choice of vehicles from the farm.
Moves to their home.

Where there is a non-conventional or even different lease in farming –
He has tried out a different way, and then he and other farmers in this farming with him
Together with the work, they also get good profits in their earnings as well as a healthy organic
Explained the techniques of growing vegetables. This helps in farmers and farmers in the coming time.
Will prove.
Gitanjali decided to leave TCS job in 2014 and do her own job. With two friends in 2017
Together the startup company introduced Fermi. And in two years, their company’s annual turnover is 8.40 million
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