Diabetes, life-threatening disease can happen if …..

Diabetes, life-threatening disease can happen if …..

The main reason behind the disease of diabetes is the deterioration of working in the pancreatic gland

Happens from Insulin is very useful for our body, which controls the level of body sugar Keeps in It is a common thing to have diabetes in today’s time. Different in the pancreatic gland

Kinds of hormones come out, one of these is insulin and glucon. Insulin is very much of our body

It is useful, through this blood in our body, our cells get sugar. Or maybe you can say,

Insulin is the sugar or sugar sachets in our body. So with the low form of insulin or

No increase in blood sugar levels increases.

Diabetes can be a life-threatening disease, because with these dreams, many other diseases are also invited.


One of which is diabetic peripheral neuropathy –

Diabetic peripheral is a neuropathic vein related disease. It is common in diabetic patients

Goes from found. Nerves cause damage to the blood due to high blood sugar levels.

Generally, its effect is more on the feet and claws, apart from it, the whole body’s veins

Can damage. Control the amount of sugar in the blood, and by adopting a healthy lifestyle

It can be avoided.

If not these symptoms –

Symptoms of diabetes depend on its type and damaged vein. Defect in the digestive system, urine sacrifice

Problems in doing, numbness of feet or claws, no serious problem in the feet, infection. Blood vessels

And having any kind of difficulty in the heart, decreasing the ability to feel pain, tingling or burning

Being bone and joint pain, cramping, losing weight, besides many patients also have the sensation of touch

Increased has been seen.

Types of Neuropathic –

This is mainly of four types. One or more type of diabetes at one time

May be neuropathic.

1 .. Peripheral Neuropathic – Normally this is most commonly found. Its impact claws and

Feels first on the legs, and then falls on the hands and shoulders.

2 … Proximal neuropathic – also called diabetic emotrophy. In which the word ‘Myo’ means muscle.

It weakens the muscles. The buttocks and feet have an impact on the upper muscles.

3 …. Automated Neuropathic – There are many functions in the body, which do not need to think about.

Such as heartbeat, breathing process or food preparation. This Sadi Process Automated Nervous System

Are implemented from Neuropathic of this system is more dangerous, why its parts are mostly

Has an impact on

4 ….. Focal Neuropathic – All types of above are types of diabetic neuropathic polyneuropathy. In ‘Polly’

The word means that affects more than one vein. At the same time focal neuropathy affects some specific nerve

Does it It is also called mononuclear therapy. And this is sudden, and its effect is to know the brain’s eyes

It also affects the nerves of the torso and the legs.

Reasons and Prevention –

There are many reasons for having diabetes, one of the reasons is also genetic. A member of the house, mother, father, siblings

Being in someone increases its appetite. Apart from this, eating junk food, obesity, lack of physical work, smoking,

Too much sweet food, to lie down immediately after eating, drink water less or eat it out regularly.

The patients of diabetes should go for half an hour in the morning.

After frying on the fenugreek pan in the house and grinding the crack at the cold, keep it in a jar. And in the morning burn 5 grams of spoon

Take a guna with water and then go on a trip.

Do not take sweet. And keep checking for regular sugar levels.

Bitter gourd juice, neem leaves juice early in the morning.

Add jamun black salt and eat it, it comes in Sugar control.

Take a green tea before breakfast in the morning. Eat fenugreek sour gourd, Tauri, papaya, fat without roasted flour bread

Take the pudding of roasted linseed with lukewarm water in the morning.

Take a mixture of cucumber, tomato and bitter gourd.

All things belong to the kitchen. Anyone can take them at their convenience.

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