Hello brothers and sisters As you know that India is a country of festivals, people of many religions live here, all their own eaters

Celebrate with pomp. And every festival has its own importance, and behind it there is some story, history. Such
Only today I am telling about ‘Baashaakhi’. The Baishakhi every year on 13 or 14 April, Hindus and Sikhs have their own tradition
Celebrate according to
According to Hindu tradition, consider the beginning of New Year, and according to religion, the names of the months have been kept on the basis of Nakshatras.

According to the Hindu calendar, on the day of Baishakhi, the Sun enters the Aries, which is also its high amount,
Sarkrant also speaks And the first day of the month of

Baashaakh is called Baisakhi. According to Hindu religion, on this day the Ganga
Had landed on the earth So on this day bath in the Ganga has a different significance. That’s why bathing in the Ganga throughout the country on this day
The crowd is excited for it.
On the day of Sikhism, the last Guru of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji, to get rid of atrocities by the 1699 Mughals
Khalsa cult was established. On this day, bathing in holy rivers and lakes all over the country is of great importance. Kirtan, hymns in gurudwaras
Is organized. On this day, the excitement of happiness in the hearts of the peasantry in Punjab is rubbish
The harvesting of wheat regards the harvesting of wheat as auspicious on the yacht day. Places seem like conventional fairs, bhangra and giddhas are very popular.

 In its Alva Kerala, this festival is celebrated in the name of “Vishu”. Vishu Yani Vishnu God Of the day of Vishu
The key feature is “Visukarni”. Visukarni is called the tableau philosophy, whose visions are on the day of Vishu
It is done all over.
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