Tips for Removing Delay and Hitch Marriage in Virg

How are you brothers and sisters …..

The girls who are unnecessarily delayed in the marriage, and the girl is not able to get a good groom even if she is qualified, if she meets, then her qualities are not met, or if there is any other obstacles in her marriage, It also becomes a matter of concern, they should first show its horoscope to any astrological astrology, there is no Manglik Yoga then, if it is, then look at the Manglik Vaara, besides a common sub. Yes, it will not be harmed, yes but the advantage will be.
Have a fast on Monday, put some milk in water on Shivling.
The girl wants to worship the banana tree on every Thursday, bring bananas, gram dal, and turmeric tilak on the banana tree.
If possible, keep fast for sixteen Thursdays.
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Thank you

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