Somewhere you are not doing these solutions by mistake …?

Hello brothers and sisters, how are you …
First of all, I give you some tips related to astrology today.
Many people hear from somewhere, or fall, that you get water to the sun every day, you or your child’s government job
, And you believe in it like that, start burning water to the sun, but sometimes it is inverted.
The most important thing is to understand this, when a person is born, according to birth, time and place
In the horoscope there is a determination, no one has any passion, no one’s And according to the arrangements, decide
It is, that the sun is auspicious or inauspicious in its horoscope The saying is, the month is for anyone, the swadi for anyone. To say
This means that the month (urad) lentil produces a shortage of gas, pain for anyone, someone likes to taste,
Gives power in the body. And besides this, the most important thing is to know whether your horoscope has ‘Rajyog’ or not.
If you have ‘Rajagya’ in your horoscope, then you will get your government job, it is sure. When will it look now
Is not there.
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