If you have trouble with smoking addiction …….? Or want to leave

What other measures will be effective, you know Based on estimates, 49% of men in India, and 22% of women are using tobacco.

For many reasons, people start drinking smoking or tobacco, often with the use of teenage ones, often the first society

In looking at each other, or hobbies, hobbies, many people are angry or in tension. but you

Can not say that the ease with which you are consuming tobacco, the result is dangerous.

Will happen. Tobacco, you have a severe adverse consequence of bidi, cigarette, gutkha or khanei, whatever form it is used for.

Sure it is. Tobacco drug addiction is also the root cause of many problems without being a problem. This mental and

Does physically harm, as well as death too quickly.

Side effects of tobacco on the body:

Tobacco consumption has a bad effect on nerves and mental consciousness. Chiefly found in

The nicotine is an alteration in the mood. Not only that, nicotine reached the brain in a few seconds

Feeling more active for late, it starts taking more nicotine. Nicotine

The habit of that goes down. Without it, he starts feeling uncomfortable, because of which people consuming it

The ways to quit tobacco seem difficult. This situation is called Dependency. Nicotinism

The power of ya say, or rather, reduces cognitive consciousness. Concerned, restless, depressed, in cyclical dependency

And feel uncomfortable. If yes, then it has been a victim of addiction.

Respiratory problems:

When breathing in the smoke starts reaching the lung substance in the body, then it is different types of problems

And infections such as chromic bronchitis inflammation of the lungs, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lungs in the lungs

Cancer of the body produces fierce diseases. Smoking from tobacco-derived substances can damage the lungs

Causes of respiratory discomfort. Apart from this, the children of the children who smoke are coughing, wheezing,

Asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis are more susceptible.

Invitation to Heart Diseases:

Smoking damages the whole heart system. The cause of shrinking and choking of blood vessels in the tobacco body

Is formed. This prevents blood flow. Nicotine arterial artery with damage to blood vessels

Disease causes. Smoking causes the walls of the blood vessel to shrink, and also increases blood pressure and fatigue fatigue,

This increases the risk of stroke. This condition invites heart bypass surgery, heart attack or paralysis

is. Exposure to smoking is also risky like a smoker. Secondary smoking or passive smoking

The most dangerous is

Tobacco related matters and misconceptions:

There are many such assumptions about Tobacco addiction, which incite to use it again.

I use tobacco but I also take nutritious food together. This will not make me cancer.

I rarely consume it, but cancer happens to those people who regularly drink it.

After leaving tobacco, I feel sick and lethargic.

Even my father-in-law is taking or taking, when nothing happens to them, then nothing will happen to me.

Report shocking:

According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey of India, the highest number of households in the household is 53% of the smoke left by others.

Are victims of. Which we call secondary or passive smoking. Researchers have also come to know that children

There is a smoking in the presence of children who have symptoms like asthma, pneumonia, wheezing in the chest, skin diseases

are found. Along with these, these survivors of frequent coughs, sore throat, tonsilitis and other diseases.

These children are weak and more sick than others.

Their weight loss is found. Their physical and mental development is also affected.

If a pregnant woman is smoking a lot, then the baby in the womb also has many problems.

May be.

Baby weight loss at birth

Premature birth

In some cases the infant dies.

How to Get Rid of Tobacco Addiction:

There may be many ways to get rid of tobacco addiction,

First of all avoid people who are consuming tobacco. And do not keep tobacco anymore.

Whenever tobacco addiction takes place, keep small cardamom, sugar candy, dates, almonds, pieces, while having it. And keep them in the mouth.

Drink a glass of cold water when it is addicted. If necessary, contact your nearest drug addiction center.

Take medicines of seven to twenty one syne courses. Take a psychological consultation. With the help of yoga, meditation etc., drunk

Salvation can be found. Keep yourself busy.

Family for C A G E Family Therapy:

C: Care and Cutdown: Take care with family, encourage them to help prevent tobacco use.

      So to receive.

A: Alert and Avoid annoyances: Keep in mind that any tobacco or substance made from it in its reach at home

     Not found

G: Great and Guard: Make a smoker realize that this is fatal for other people in the decline.

E: Eye opening and Alternatives: Whenever the desire for smoking can be fennel, almonds, cardamom.

     Helpful Diet in Replacement Therapy: Milk

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