Salute to such passion

Maan Kaur - CopyYes, saluting the age of the oldest female athlete “Man Kaur” to raise the value of the country. Who previously had the world record

Also managed to make the place on the podium, and then and Mann Kaur for their spectacular performance in the 2018 calendar on 2018



Has been included. Maan Kaur also won gold medal by scoring a score of 5 meters in Javelin Throw in Auckland. In addition to 100 in 2018

And after winning the gold medal twice 200 meters, she registered his name in the record book. Apart from this, in 2011, he was given the Athlete of the Year

Also selected. Apart from this, they have done their names as well as the Madels.

Let’s know his achievements something like this.

Entering the Guinness Book

In Auckland, Man Kaur received Gold Medal by scoring a score of 5 meters in Javelin Throw. And the name was entered in the Guinness Book.

In 2011, Man Kaur participated in World Master Athletics for the first time. In the Sacramento, he won two gold medals and recorded his name. Which

Because they were also selected athlete of the year. In 2012, he participated in the Asian Masters Athletics Championship in Taiwan, and 100

In the meter race, the gold medal made its name. In 2013, she participated in Canadian Master Athletics, and won 5 consecutive gold

Done And this year, participated in the World Senior Games, and also got 5 goals medal here. Javelin Throw in World and Shotput

She made the world record in In 2016, he participated in America’s master games, and in the 100 Plus Age Group,

Done 100m in World Master Athletics, and Jellin Throw, in India, representing India in a positive manner in 2017, Gold for record country

Madden won. In Spain in 2018, they made 100 gold, and 200 meters gold medals. In 2019, Man Kaur has consistently been in the World Master of Athletics

4 Gold Medals Received At the same time he also became the oldest athlete participating in it. And then and Mana Kaur, all these sons, their son Gurudev –

The lions who are their coaches also do their care, they live with them all the time.

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