Special status of Jammu and Kashmir in election season

Ever since the debacle of the 17th Lok Sabha elections, since then every political party has started wooing voters with their own manifesto, since no one can reach the voters and leave the arrow of words on each other, the issues of the farmers, the poor Every year Rs 72000 in bank accounts or employment to unemployed people etc. Even so, all are justified in democracy. Every political party has this right in our constitution.

But the leader of the political party in the sensitive border of the country, Jammu and Kashmir, whether the PDP leader Mahbuba Mufti, who is the center

Let the Modi government spread the sensation by saying that you tell the date of the removal of Section 370, we will also tell the date of separation from the country of Jammu and Kashmir. And then the former Chief Minister of this state, Abdullah, who has also been a minister in the Union Council of Ministers at the Center, has even said that soon J & K will have its own Prime Minister and President.

Actually, Jammu and Kashmir’s entire controversy is about Article 370. Although according to historians (1947-48) it was necessary in view of the circumstances of the time. After this, a special constitution was imposed on 26 January 1957. However, the people of Jammu and Kashmir did not benefit from this. After that at that time And in today’s time there is a lot of difference. There has been a debate over the removal of Section 370 in the Central Government, even now the Supreme Court has already agreed to hear the matter on this issue. J & K parties are busy fitting their own points by making this issue issue for their own political advantages. They do not care about the country’s interests, they do. Now the time has come. Whatever is appropriate in the interest of the country

Let’s take a decision by introducing strong will on it. Election Commission should also come forward in the interest of the country and stop the unarmed speeches of these leaders. If the country is safe today, then we all will be safe. Jai Hind.

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