Why is the problem of urinary incininence? ..?

Why is the problem of urinary incininence? ..?

Often, after 40-42 years of age, a sudden urine leak is a medical problem during coughing or laughing in women, it is known as urinary incontinence or it also consumes unintended urinary leakage. These often occur in women after 40 years, whose weakness arises due to some reason in the control muscles of urine. Due to the pressure such as coughing or laughing, or laughing, there is a urine leakage due to the sudden pressure on the bladder, due to this pressure, the pelvic floor muscle can suddenly be relaxed, in such a way that the symptoms of stress incontinence may be applied to pressure on bladder During the period, the urine comes out as leaking.

One reason behind this can be obesity. Urinary stress incontinence occurs most of the women aged 40 years or more. This means that the problem increases with aging. Many times the sufferers are addicted to alcohol, smoking, or obesity. Or if they have any such surgery, whose effect is on the pelvic floor muscle, its appetite increases. This situation also becomes a cause of embarrassment for the suffering women. In such a situation, instead of ignoring this common problem of growing age, it would be important to consult with urologist. Only urologist can decide the treatment for this problem only after checking. It includes some natural (natural) measures, such as the exercise of pelvic muscle that can be learned in the direction of physician. Apart from this, second treatment such as Vaginal Cones, Electrical Stimulation

Along with bio feedback, muscle strengthening, medicine etc. is given. Many times it suffers from sericulously severe cases of muscle strengthening

To do the surgery is also done. Apart from this, some lifestyle changes may also be made to fix such problems. In such a way, regular exercise, prevention of smoking and gradually reduce the amount of alcohol and control over obesity.

In many women, this problem increases after the menopause, in which the victim women have to face embarrassment in the society, their control

The system gets wie Often, after menopause, the problem of urine leakage has increased, if there is an infection after routine check then leakage from treatment

Help fix the problem. Urologist can also check bladder and pelvic floor. Also the pain of bladder ultrasound

Is free imaging. It helps to assess how the bladder can be emptied. Also test of cystoscopy

By doing so, which is meant for bladders inside the body.

Due to the problem of urine leakage, the problem is due to infection with rashes, skin infections, wounds, boils, pimples, urine.

Exercises of pelvic mussels like jumping jacks, wal squats, bridges and dad bug crunch

Also, note how much water is drinking, avoid fast spicy food, reduce the level of caffeine content. If there is acidity then

Take measures to avoid and avoid carbonated drinks..


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